Vonage Saved Once Again

The nation’s leading pure-play VoIP telephone replacement service has received a new and perhaps temporary lease on life as the U.S. Court of Appeals extended the stay of an earlier decision allowing Vonage to continue signing up new customers.
According to a CNET online report, the three-judge panel at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has reportedly questioned Verizon and Vonage attorneys at length about the district court’s interpretation of the three disputed patents related to VoIP telephone service. Much of the wrath has been directly at Vonage attorney Roger Warin, according to reports.
"It’s very hard to tell from the briefs what’s going on here," Judge Timothy Dyk was quoted as telling Warin shortly after the attorney began his arguments. The onus of proof remains on Vonage to convince judges that a permanent stay to the junction is needed as the VoIP telephone service provider struggles to stay afloat.
As many in the VoIP industry know the patents Verizon is using in this case are coming under scrutiny as some sources report having used identical technology a full five years prior to Verizon’s patent applications.
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