SunRocket Bankrupt

I am not really so surprised by the SunRocket bankruptcy news. The company was an innovator and had some great ideas early on but for the last few years they were extremely quiet. There was little press outreach and there was a lot of management trouble.
Russell Shaw will tell you this is an example of how difficult it is to be a pure-play VoIP provider in a triple-play world. While the triple play competition is obviously part of the problem with SunRocket… It seems having a lack of consistent management or business planning is a much bigger problem.
Yes, it is a tough business but I think SunRocket just stopped trying many years back. I would keep my eyes on 8×8 as they are a well run company and have consistent management. Packet8 may not be the largest phone company but they are consistent.
More from AP and CNNMoney.
Tom Keating in how Vonage is trying to benefit from this event.

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