CafeX Looks to Solve Biggest Video Collaboration Challenges


WebRTC has been an incredible driver of interoperability in real-time communications but it still won’t work across every browser. CafeX Communications has been working on solving this problem for years and now has a new solution called Chime which it hopes becomes the ultimate cross-platform, browser-powered video solution.

I spoke with Sajeel Hussain about the new solution and he emphasizedSajeel Hussain.jpg that it works with Microsoft Edge and can interwork with in-room systems from Cisco and also work with Microsoft Skype for Business. In addition, he emphasized companies can save 75% on their bandwidth utilization as Chime can cluster four video sessions as a single session which connects to the MCU. In addition, it can dynamically download codecs to eliminate the need for transcoding.

My colleague Erik Linask had a great piece on this solution where he points out it can save a company about 70% on TCO as compared to other products on the market.

In addition, Sajeel discussed Kickstart, which is a new way to access CafeX APIs for non-programmer business analysts. Steve Anderson covered this news recently on the WebRTC Solutions Online Community sponsored by Oracle. In addition, Supervisor Assist is a great way for today’s geographically distributed contact centers to more efficiently service customer needs. Supervisors for example are able to whisper and barge and capture recordings of agent conversations. There is also the ability to allow for chatting and co-browsing

We all know that software is indeed eating the world. It explains the move to NFV and SDN for carriers. It further explains why the world’s largest taxi company doesn’t own cars. The world’s largest media company doesn’t produce media and the world’s largest hotel company doesn’t own real estate.

Similarly, real-time and other communications is moving towards the direction of being hardware-free. This accounts for some of the savings associated with such solutions as well as the increased functionality they provide.

To learn more about CafeX and see them in person, be sure to come to RealTime Web Solutions August 1-4, 2016 in NYC.

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