Blackberry Attacks Microsoft

RIM is offering it’s mobile device software on other platforms such as Windows Mobile and the question on most people’s minds Is probably “Why?” After all, Windows Mobile devices already do pretty much everything Blackberrys do and in many cases deal with attachments in a more seamless fashion.

Microsoft’s Exchange Server is pretty similar to the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)  in many ways but certainly RIM’s BES is a more highly focused mobile e-mail product meaning there are some things it can do better than Microsoft.

Still, Microsoft has done a good job of emulating the PC interface on the Windows Mobile platform and as such this competitive thrust from RIM will likely appeal to Blackberry shops that are true diehards who don’t mind spending additional money on BES.

So while the headlines (including this one) talk of a Blackberry attack, this is more like a minor offensive aimed at keeping a handful of RIM loyalists happy.

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