Qualcomm Vs. Broadcom Take 2

The latest on the Qualcomm/Broadcom patent dispute and the need (or lack thereof) for presidential assistance. I generally find patent news fascinating but for some reason this particular case (or this news at least) is more like following a complex soap opera than following the general communications news I follow.

  • Mr. Chips
    August 17, 2007 at 11:08 am

    I’ve posted an essay on Qualcomm vs. Broadcom at http://idaretospeak.blogspot.com/
    This and related cases should be a focus of patent reform. I will just say here that patents were intended to protect inventors. Broadcom, Nokia and others are using the courts and various “commissions” to inflict pain in order to secure better deals. Though Qualcomm has made serious errors, most outrageous is the ruling by Rudi Brewster based on Qualcomm’s failure to follow a standard-setting committee’s policy that “encourages” participants to disclose essential patents early. Besides the fact that such policies are incredibly vague (on purpose, I might add), Judge Brewster seems to think that his perceptions regarding conformance to such policies have the force of law.

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