Unwired Enterprise

Nortel is perfectly positioned to bring the world their Unwired Enterprise vision. The company is a strong player in the enterprise and service provider markets. For this reason it may even be surprising Nortel hasn’t gained more traction as they offer a great suite of products and services.
The leading Canadian communications company has been doing an impressive job of branding via it’s hyperconnectivity campaign and now it’s adding “unwired enterprise” to the mix. Personally I am not a fan of the term hyperconnectivity but I can’t think of a better term and at the same time I admit I understand immediately and exactly what the term is meant to convey. Somehow it just makes me uncomfortable. Like there are electrodes on my brain or something.
But this digression misses the point that from a marketing perspective one and two-word taglines are exactly what companies need to brand the brain of the decision maker.
Nortel is in a great position to leverage its various product lines to work seamlessly together to provide solutions others can’t match. The marketing messages have been planted… Now it is up to the company to back them up with consistency and a continued pipeline of great products the market buys.

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