Sprint – Better Than You Think

Is Verizon Wireless not the most reliable network as the company’s ads will tell you? Well according to this article Sprint has the fewest dropped calls. This is also in stark contrast to the ads that Cingular Wireless, now AT&T has been running.
I wonder if the research that fueled this article will now be disputed by the other carriers. It is likely that we will begin to see research wars where every few months a new carrier will come at us with different metrics showing them to be best.
At the end of the day customers will likely be as confused as they are today about which wireless carrier is best.
For now – perhaps it is Sprint.

  • luke
    February 5, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    i use sprint and it is very good, i never drop calls, i always have service, and the new android market on some of sprints new phone like the htc hero which is what i have and the samsung moment. those are trhe best phones, one really cool thing about these phones is you can go straight to google and download pictures and make them your wallpaper or lockscreen wallpaper, and you can send them. alos my personal favorite is IMUSIC, you can get almost any music for free. ulike the iphone where most of it you have to buy:( so if your goin to switch to a new phone service go with sprint:) they are the best.

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