Thanks to Actility, Comcast may Build Largest U.S. LoRa Network

There is a race to roll out the largest LoRa network as eventually trillions of devices will need a low-power way to communicate at distance For this reason Actility is powering Comcast’s efforts to deploy LoRa gateways in their set-top boxes. Each will have a range of 500 meters to one kilometer (roughly 0.3 to 0.6 miles). Trials are taking place in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Chicago and 11 more cities are in the works. Perhaps other cable companies will follow suit and they will join their networks together like they do with their CableWiFi WIFI solutions.

These gateways will also power consumer smarthomes, things like smoke detectors and the like. The technology actually allows select customers to track Comcast trucks as of February of this year.

In other news, Actility selected Stripe to power its IoT marketplace – Stripe is the payment-processing darling of the startup world.

ThingPark Market is already the market-leading e-commerce platform for LoRaWAN IoT, offering for sale over 175 products from more than 75 companies around the world. Using Stripe Connect, ThingPark Market will enable payments from buyers to sellers in their local currencies in almost 30 countries, and accelerate further the expansion of the platform.

In an in-person interview with Jay Yang, VP Channel and Strategic Accounts of Actility, he explained the company was one of the founding members of the LoRa Alliance. He also said he thinks the Comcast roll-out is the first attempt at this and moreover the U.S. is behind Europe. He believes eventually LoRa will be very big in this country.


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