WiFi Exploit

There is a new WiFi hole that needs patching and it seems many laptop users could be at risk . Using the exploit a malicious user within a few hundred feet can take control of someone else’s laptop. The problem is a flawed Broadcom device driver which has found its way into many different laptops and devices from companies like Linksys and Zonet.

Paul Vixie, a ZERT (Zeroday Emergency Response Team) volunteer, said Microsoft’s Windows Update and Automatic Update patch deployment network could play a huge role in pushing fixes out to affected machines, but he said that process would likely be complicated and take some time.

"Any way they try to address this is going to be a mess, and moving the fix to the user is going to be a lot like moving water with a fork," Vixie said. "This is dangerous because we know that people who like to do bad things are going to take advantage of this, that’s no longer an open question."

What is the average user to do while waiting for a patch? Well this article suggests disabling your WiFi.

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