Microsoft Response Point at Costco

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Microsoft Response Point at Costco

Is the world ready to buy their IP PBXs from Costco? We are about to find out as the warehouse club with 537 worldwide stores and over 51 million card holders will be carrying Syspine/Microsft's Response Point, the entry level PBX that is not short on features like mobility and speech recognition support.

My take? This is a great trial for Microsoft and its partners but I am not sure that every small business is ready to deploy an IP communications phone system without the aid of a reseller or technical person. Then again, the typical SMB is likely deploying more and more technology these days without reseller assistance.

It will certainly be interesting to watch how sales are and how much space Costco devotes to these products. I did a quick calculation by the way and it seems the average Costco store is 141,000 square feet and there are 393 stores in the US. That means Response Point will share space with juice, food, stereos, etc. in a total of over 55 million square feet of retail space. Wow! that is a lot of shopping space. Now I know why it takes me so long to get in and out of this retail giant's stores.

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