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MindWireless Podcast

MindWireless is focused on the wireless expense management space which as you might imagine is an area of growing importance inside telecom expense management. Just think about how complicated it is to manage wireless gadgets as employees have become obsessed with having the latest and greatest devices and moreover, many consumers pick the provider they want as they need to have cell phone service at home, etc.

MindWireless helps companies organize and optimize their wireless devices. In addition, they help with outsourcing and client engagements.

One of the areas of change in the wireless device space is obviously the iPhone... This and other smartphones have changed the face of wireless device management but are users getting smarter?

In reality, users are getting devices which are more and more complicated and they are oftentimes confused about how to best use them. In addition, they load devices with more and more sensitive information without realizing the need for security and immunity to theft.

I had a chance to have a podcast with MindWireless execs David Wise and Kevin Whitehurst and learn how they help companies with the above problems and in addition, help companies control wireless expenses. The two are both Managing Partners and Co-founders of the Houston, Texas based company.

In my discussion, an interesting example came up -- a company paid $170 dollars for text messaging for a single user in one month. To find out how much this expense should have been and lots of other very useful information, be sure to listen to the podcast.

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