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I am in Budapest, Hungary today and am live blogging the Dialogic Connections event which is hosting a few hundred partners and customers from around the world. A bit of trivia before we get started – Brad Pitt may be staying in our hotel the Hotel Kempinski. One of the people at the event may have seen him last night but then again there may have been a few drinks involved – so don’t hold me to this. Apparently Mr. Pitt is is in Budapest right now according to many of the delegates here who were quick to check Google to ensure he is really in the country.

I am speaking in about an hour and will be interviewing Dialogic execs Doug Sabella and Kevin Cook. Hopefully I will remember what they say so I can report on it later. Cool

James Besley VP and GM EMEA kicks the day off and tells us 33 countries are represented

Jeremy Perlman, Head of Business Development Ribbit, a British Telecom Company takes the stage

Phones are becoming computers. The younger generation is using phones far less for calling.

He cited a recent Facebook outage and how the comments on a story he read showed young people couldn’t go out at night because they couldn’t communicate with their friends without Facebook.

The trend is Facebook is replacing SMS. Carriers should be very scared of Facebook – thats where the younger generation keeps their contact list.

Talk of Skype growth – massive increases on a chart he showed – sourced from TeleGeography.

Google buying fiber – don’t want to be hampered by telcos they compete with. They also have a massive customer base, phone and mobile OS – they are attacking carrier regime with Nexus One – they tried to change the model of phone buying.

Cross-subsidization helps them – have huge buying power – great engineers… They take the profits from ads and give away other things. They don’t have to make $ on calls and texts – can make it on ads.

Discussion of a quote from Marissa Mayer of Google discussing how failure is needed in innovation. He says telcos have a major problem with this – I agree.

What don’t know what consumers will spend a lot on but we know the general direction. Carriers must adapt – and the transition isn’t easy.

We know the direction, not the destination so it’s the platform and process that’s important.

Networking between session – Dialogic’s Jim Machi is the person with the big smile – he should be happy with the great turnout at this conference

Jeremiah Caron, Vice President Analysis, Current Analysis takes the stage

UC seemed like a failure but really isn’t – overhyped at first.

Mobility headaches in the enterprise – lots of tension created by mobility in IT departments.

Mobility allows IT to become superstars – if they can get it right.

RIM and Nokia will continue to lose share to Apple and Google Android.

He is amazed by 4G growth – LTE – because he explains how long it took 3G to catch on. He said it isn’t a dramatic operator leap – we will see roll outs next year. It will be stable and usable.

Expect growth in mobile access to business apps, growth of UC and cloud and more personal, work-life convergence.

Jim Machi Senior Vice President Marketing, Dialogic takes the stage

“Our products touch 2 billion mobile subscribers each day”

“15 billion minutes per month are passed through Dialogic equipment”

“80% of Fortune 2k use Dialogic products”

Discussion of SBCs – SP interconnection & SIP trunking are top apps.

Lots of examples of network communications and cloud computing solutions built-on Dialogic.

Discussion of HD Mobile voice rolled out first in Moldova (not too far from here) and discussion of gateways and other equipment needed to enable such solutions.

“Market has lots of opportunity – let’s work together to take advantage of it.”

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