Edge Delta Gets $3M for Federated Learning in DevOps and Security

Edge Delta, a Seattle-based analytics startup leveraging federated learning in DevOps and Security, raised a $3.0 million seed round led by MaC Venture Capital and Amity Ventures. The company’s website touts AIOps for Business Outcomes.

Edge Delta has developed a federated learning platform that allows enterprises to use a distributed analytics approach to identify and remediate potential DevOps and Security incidents. This approach allows for better accuracy, speed and higher levels of security and privacy than previously possible with traditional centralized systems. Analytics systems today have many technical limitations, and with the distributed nature of the Edge Delta platform- customers are no longer required to transmit potentially sensitive raw data to gather insights about their production systems. This results in the ability for real-time anomaly detection with predictive analytics to enable enterprises to ensure uptime, performance, and availability for modern production systems.

The Founding team, led by Ozan Unlu and Fatih Yildiz will leverage their extensive experience from Microsoft, Twitter, and Sumo Logic to build, scale, and take new products to market. Early adopters in enterprise are reporting faster and more accurate anomaly detection at a fraction of the cost.
“After having worked with hundreds of Mid-Market and Enterprise companies, it was obvious that the limitations of centralized analytics have many engineering organizations at a breaking point. Higher levels of sophistication are being requested and privacy and security requirements are ever increasing- Edge Delta is positioned to fill this immediate need for our customers.” said Ozan Unlu, Founder and CEO, Edge Delta

Ozan Unlu, Founder and CEO and Fatih Yildiz, Founder and CTO

“We’re excited to continue to work with enterprises to expand the Security and Operations analytics and integrations,” said Fatih Yildiz, Founder and CTO, Edge Delta “The platform currently supports anomaly detection and predictive analytics on physical servers, virtual machines, AWS, Azure, and GCP infrastructure, as well as Kubernetes and Docker containers.”
“The Edge Delta platform raises the bar with an unprecedented combination of speed, sophistication, and security for their customers,” said Adrian Fenty, General Partner at MaC Venture Capital “We are excited to be partnering with Ozan, Fatih and the Edge Delta team.”
“Amity is delighted to partner with Edge Delta to usher in a new paradigm of intelligent computing at the edge,” said Peter Bell, General Partner at Amity Ventures. “Edge Delta’s offerings extend the power of the enterprise data center to deliver agile, cloud enabled security and analytics.”
“We have reached the inflection point for centralized security analytics, SIEM products like Splunk are struggling to scale and a lack of mature SaaS offerings mean that if customers want to keep up with growth in their environments, innovation is required… I’m excited about the new types of analytics Edge Delta is building to help customers more quickly detect and respond to threats in and across their environments,” said Will Peteroy, Founder and CEO of ICEBRG (acquired in 2018) and Chief Technology Officer for Security at Gigamon. “Globalization within enterprises is leading to users, data centers, and cloud presence being geo-located around the world. The complexity of maintaining security and uptime for distributed and hybrid environments is increasing. Legal and regulatory pressure around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act continue to add new requirements for data handling and privacy – this makes edge computing a very attractive, and likely the most viable approach to security and operations analytics for global enterprises.”
“Existing centralized big data services are not designed for many of the DevOps and Security use cases they’re being asked to perform,” said Tianhui Michael Li, Founder, Data Incubator. “Edge Delta’s federated learning and edge computing solution is designed from the ground up to address these shortcomings while reducing costs, increasing speed, preserving privacy, and enhancing security. I’m excited to be an advisor for Ozan, Fatih, and the team at Edge Delta.”

We are looking forward to welcoming the AIOps community to the second annual AIOps Expo, part of the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow, Feb 12-14, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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