Masergy Differentiates With SD-WAN tied to Cybersecurity

Masergy is one of the few players that is not a large carrier that has solutions in SD-WAN as well as cybersecurity. They have wisely bundled these ideas together in order to differentiate themselves from a field which is getting increasingly crowded. For example, we recently had an exclusive interview with MNJ Technologies about their agnostic approach to SD-WAN. We broke the news 21Vianet Blue Cloud is focusing on Asian SD-WAN. We had yet another exclusive interview about Aruba’s SD-Branch and Aryaka’s focus on SD-WAN and digital transformation.

Masergy’s three new SD-WAN bundles include options for:

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM): This built-in capability integrates a range of security features including web filtering, antivirus, data loss prevention, and intrusion detection and prevention into a single platform.
  • Threat Monitoring and Response: Advanced protection includes 24/7 threat monitoring and real-time incident response for the entire SD-WAN deployment by certified security experts in global Security Operation Centers (SOCs).
  • Managed Security Services: Comprehensive managed detection and response services for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, including an advanced security tool suite with machine-learning behavioural analytics, embedded threat intelligence, and 24/7 security monitoring and incident response.

“As leading enterprises are embracing the strategic advantages of a robust SD-WAN solution, they are also realizing the critical importance of securing their networks,” said Terry Traina, Chief Digital Officer at Masergy. “Our new SD-WAN bundles are currently the only solution on the market for companies that want the performance of SD-WAN coupled with the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 security monitoring and response.”

This is a smart strategy for Masergy. It is a big differentiator and these days – there are so many hacks, that the idea of providing cybersecurity coupled with almost anything is becoming essential.

A few months back we broke the news that Masergy hired Rebecca Carr for UC, cybersecurity and SD-WAN growth. It seems today’s news tackles at least two of these three areas.

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