Scalyr Named as a Representative Vendor in AIOps Platforms by Gartner

Log management and observability company Scalyr has been named as a Representative Vendor in AIOps Platforms in the November 7th, 2019 Gartner report titled, “Market Guide for AIOps Platforms” by Charley Rich, Pankaj Prasad and Sanjit Ganguli.

In related news – the company’s PowerQueries for advanced troubleshooting solution was unveiled this past April

According to the report, “use of AIOps platforms to augment IT functions such as event correlation and analysis, anomaly detection, root cause analysis and natural language processing is growing rapidly. However, the application of AIOps to functions such as ITSM and DevOps is progressing at a slower pace” and “AIOps platform offerings have split into two approaches: domain-agnostic and domain-centric solutions.”

Scalyr is named as a Representative Vendor in AIOPs Platforms of Domain-Agnostic (DA) AIOPs. According to the report, “Domain-agnostic AIOps — Vendors going to market with a general-purpose AIOps platform. These products tend to rely mostly on monitoring tools to perform data capture and cater to the broadest use cases.” Further, “Gartner estimates the size of the AIOps platform market at between $300 million and $500 million per year.”

The report notes that “AIOps platforms must be able to ingest data-at-rest (historical) and data-in-motion (real-time, streaming). These platforms allow for the ingestion, indexing and storage of event data, wire data, metrics, traces, and graph and document data. These tools for IT operations must also analyze data directly at the point of ingestion in real-time without requiring data to be first saved to a database before it can be analyzed. They must also provide a correlated analysis across multiple streams of real-time and historical data.”

Christine Heckart, CEO of Scalyr

“We are glad to be recognized as a Representative Vendor in AIOps Platforms in Gartner’s Market Guide report,” said Christine Heckart, CEO of Scalyr. “To us, the ability to ingest critical operational data at scale and speed, and the ability to get immediate results without delay is seen as crucial to an effective IT service management strategy. We believe the practical recommendations to begin building an AIOps capability that can give immediate insights point to Scalyr’s strengths as a highly scalable, simple-to-use and cost effective platform.”

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