Charge in Style with Nomad

Some time back I wrote about Nomad cables – particularly the small thin Lightning adapter that fits in a wallet. Its the ideal was to ensure you never run out of power – as long as there is a USB plug nearby, you can always top off your device. Now the company has a new clip device which can attach to your backpack, laptop bag or anything else – to again, ensure you are always powered. The iPhone 5s doesn’t last a whole day if you actually use it meaning power users are foreced to add a bulky case or top off frequently. The new iPhones expected later this year will have even larger screens – it remains ot be seen if they are better or worse on battery life. Either way – you’ll rest easier knowing you can always add some more charge if needed.

NomadClip, NomadKey & NomadCard (pictured) are some of the world’s most portable cables, shaped like a carabiner, housekey & credit card respectively. Pre-order each cable for $29 on There is a 25% off special this week with code “LIVESIMPLE” so act fast.



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