AudioCodes: A Solid WebRTC Money-Making Story

Alan Percy had a challenge… The Senior Director of Marketing at AudioCodes saw the promise of WebRTC three years ago… And he saw how disruptive it could be for his company which provides communications equipment for enterprises and communications service providers. He approached his engineers and told them they need to start thinking seriously about this new standard. At first his coworkers didn’t get it – but he persisted and they eventually understood the potential but weren’t sure how to unleash it within the company.

Some time later AudioCodes started to integrate WebRTC into their SBC and then their phones. This was the move that changed the fortunes for the company’s phones and future sales.

In an industry which is about two-plus years old or so, there is a desire to quickly generate sales and profits. This is where the story gets exciting for those looking for the pot of gold at the end of the WebRTC rainbow.

Two weeks ago at the Interactive Intelligence Interactions event the company unveiled its PureCloud solution which brings contact center solutions to the Amazon Cloud. One big part of the news was that AudioCodes phones were selected to support the solution. Why is this a big deal? Well, AudioCodes is known for great technology but they have strong competition in phones from Polycom, Yealink and a number of others.

The differentiator for the Israeli company was the support for this emerging standard that just happens to work really well with cloud applications such as the one now being sold by Interactive Intelligence.

And this is just one of the success stories being talked about here at WebRTC Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the next few days I expect to hear more positive news like what I reported on earlier this week.

Finally, Percey’s persistence in adopting this new standard and helping to grow the market is just one of the reasons he was just awarded here at the show as a WebRTC Pioneer.

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