Google: Privacy Died Long Ago

This past weekend the Wall Street Journal interviewed Google CEO Eric Schmidt and there were some interesting comments about how Google knows so much about you and moreover knows your location and as such the company can remind you to pick up some milk and can advise you if you happen to be near a landmark which you have been reading about.

Moreover Google hopes to monetize Android in the future and Schmidt explains they have a better chance in doing so if there are more handsets available than less. He also mentioned the company shares search ad revenue with Apple on the iPhone so the company can pay for Android development just with the savings of not sharing part of that revenue with Apple.

A weird part of the interview was Schmidt predicting kids will change their names to eliminate traces of their early hijinks online. Jason Kincaid over at TechCrunch points out this doesn’t make any sense and it is difficult to disagree. But then again Google may have some name-changing alias-creating cloud-based service up its sleeve. I like the sound of Gnonymous – a Google approach to privacy.

The article is a must-read if privacy is important to you. Point being, privacy is dead and you may as well read about it as soon as you can and accept the consequences. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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