How Apple’s Live Photos Betrayed Me

Apple did an amazing thing with its Live Photo technology which essentially surrounds a highquality photo with a lower quality video. They achieved the Harry Potter concept of photos which come to life and integrated 3D Touch amazingly well.

I took a number of Live Photos recently which were precious to me but I didn’t realize they need to be treated very differently than all other photos. Why? Because a PC does not support the format. In fact, if you move your photos from the iPhone to a PC, they are changed to the .MOV format. Essentially movies of a few seconds.

I just moved my photos, in order to have them backed up to Carbonite and subsequently realized this the hard way.

How important is Live Photos technology to me? Obviously very because I am very upset that I can’ get these precious photos back to the way they were.

This seems like a great opportunity for someone – Apple? A third party? Someone to convert these photos back – if possible.

I credit Apple tremendously for inventing a new photo format which locks users into their ecosystem – my big concern however is why did they not explain this drawback to their customers? I feel like my photos have been taken from me and I feel betrayed.

Hopefully you’ll avoid making the same mistake I did.

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