Net Neutrality – Who Gives a Sh&*^%$T?

Seriously people don’t care. Excuse the profanity but I can’t believe it. At the last ITEXPO I asked hundreds of people in the keynote how many people cared about net neutrality and out of somewhere around 500-700 people, 2 or 3 people raised their hands.

One would imagine anyone coming to a conference on IP communications/VoIP would know enough about the issue to have a strong opinion in favor of net neutrality.

This is not the case.

I am pretty dumbfounded. I would have guessed 20-30% would have raised their hands.

I have mentioned before that no one cared about net neutrality and my prior thoughts were based on the Alexa ranking of an associated site. Now there is the stark reality of having blank stares when I bring the topic up at an event. Very weird.

In fact the interest level is so low it is probably a better use of time to just delete this post than to put it online 😉

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