VoIP Planet on ITEXPO

Here is a great write up on Internet Telephony Conference & Expo from Mark Miller over at VoIP Planet. What I like about Mark’s piece is that it is a great overview of many of the events that took place during the event.

There was truly a tremendous amount of activity at the show and as Jon Arnold mentioned earlier, one person couldn’t do justice to it all. Still, great job Mark. Thanks for the coverage.

Here is an excerpt:

Quintuple play?
We’ve all heard of double and triple plays in baseball, but now a VoIP organization is pitching ways to better manage and bill for the quintuple play of IP-based services, including broadband, mobile, VoIP, IPTV, and Emerging Content. The Internet Protocol Detail Record Organization (IPDR) is a consortium of service providers, software and equipment manufactures, system integrators, and billing vendors that are collaborating to facilitate the exchange of usage and control data between networking and hosting elements. As part of their work, they have developed the Internet Protocol Detail Record interface, which captures network data usage information, and also produced a suite of IPDR standards, plus a list vendor organizations that have become IPDR-compliant. The IPDR hosted a special conference track at IT Expo, detailing issues surrounding this data exchange, including customer relationships, quality of service for media transmission, consumer privacy, and fraud prevention for new services such as IPTV.

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