Skype Journal on ITEXPO

Phil Wolf over at Skype Journal proudly tells me his blog is for suits and geeks and while I may not have recalled the two in the exact order and perhaps my memory is not as photographic as I would like, that was the gist of what he told me. I get the feeling Phil has a knack for seeing trends quickly and this seems to be a skill bloggers have innately or hopefully develop over time.

One comment he has made since ITEXPO is the lack of Skype products on the show floor. He is right and I see this changing rapidly as generation Y starts to spend more money with companies.

Skype connectivity in call centers and throughout the enterprise will be essential.

I can see a world where Skype becomes the 800 number replacement. Not an 800 number replacement. It is just that ubiquitous at the moment.

Soon ignoring Skype will be like ignoring e-mail 5 years ago or ignoring the web 8 years ago.

That is my true feeling on the matter so Phil is onto something here and I expect to see much more Skype activity at future ITEXPOs. Tom chimes in as well with lucid comments on the matter as well.

PS: One company positioned well to take advantage of the growing Skype trend is Pika Technologies and their Skype to Asterisk board.

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