We Broke the News on PureCloud – Now it’s a Serious Business for Genesys!

In 2014, we broke the news about the launch of PureCloud – the Interactive Intelligence contact center on AWS. We did this via a live blog at their Interactions 2014 event.

Genesys purchased the company and is now proud to announce it is experiencing meteoric growth.

Look at these stats!

  • 70% YoY Genesys Cloud revenue growth
  • PureCloud revenue up 110%!
  • Avaya displacements are up 143% YoY

Interactive Intelligence experienced tremendous growth since its founding in the 1990s. Part of this was due to the fact they had a solid solution. Another helpful event was Nortel struggling and shedding customers at the turn of the last century. Now, Avaya – the acquirer of Nortel, is still bleeding customers.

In 2012 – when Shoretel purchased M5 for cloud, we pretty much outlined what needed to happen next. Avaya and Cisco were supposed to buy cloud vendors and Vonage was supposed to get into the SMB space from being exclusively consumer.

All of this happened except Avaya never acquired a UCaaS player.

We still aren’t sure why. Earlier today we discussed how Avaya is expanding its private cloud in EMEA and APAC – great moves. But, it is 2019 and we can’t help but point out the once-leader in communications and UC is playing catch-up.

We fully understand the company’s challenges – they had to transition to a recurring revenue business model from selling boxes. Avaya salespeople and channel were used to selling a near-monopoly product and never had to be very flexible. Getting a company as large as Avaya to change course was and is a struggle.

Now, they are behind and an acquisition may be their best way out.

In the meantime, Genesys – really the cousin of Avaya is one of the main benefactors. Why cousins you ask?

Alcatel merged acquired Genesys in 1999. They later merged with Lucent. Genesys then spun out of the company in 2012. Avaya spun out of Lucent in 2000.

Congrats to Genesys on the great growth and foresight to pick un Interactive Intelligence when you did.

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