Will the Clinton Vs. Trump Outsourcing War hurt your Business?

With tens of millions of jobs lost in the U.S. due to outsourcing (including contract manufacturing), we can expect the topic to be a huge talking point until election season ends. Typically, you would expect the Democratic candidate – Clinton to be anti-outsourcing and the Republican – Trump to be against.

Surprisingly though, in this case, Trump is the anti-free trade candidate – actually he says he wants fair trade.

Now, there’s this, a new ad from super-PAC, Rebuilding America Now which shows Clinton speaking at a closed door meeting and saying there is no way to stop outsourcing. The speech coincides with a $5 million dollar donation from an Indian politician to the Clinton foundation.

At the end of the ad – an Indian speaker says “That’s good news for a bigstock-Customer-Services-Agent-In-Cal-109210499.jpglot of us,” implying she is giving a speech to the people who are doing the outsourcing.

The allegation is she got paid off to ensure there is no stopping outsourcing.

Ad Age tells us the Clinton camp tried to get the networks to stop running the ad but instead drew more attention to it. They are likely right.

The challenge for Clinton is that her own words cannot be refuted and seem to embody everything the Democrats are against.

She and the party will likely do all they can to make outsourcing a dirty word and so will Trump. She will have to spin this somehow and as she does, she will likely double-down on the evils of outsourcing. And as this happens, we can expect businesses everywhere to be concerned as many these days do outsource in some capacity.

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