Clean up on Aisle Six; the Doctor Will See You Now

Look no further than to Wal-Mart when you need your next checkup, physical exam or other medical test. You see, cloud-based video collaboration tech has allowed Dr. Raj Shah of Telemed Ventures to set up shop in Wal-Mart and he plans on expanding his practice virtually to more of these stores to serve rural customers.

As the video above shows, a nurse takes some vital readings like weight, height, temperature, blood pressure and an EKG reading when appropriate.

Telemedicine has been around for many years but it is possible this new move in the US will help the concept gain more traction in the third-world as well. After all, in the US – you can theoretically get to a doctor more easily.

But perhaps more importantly by using wireless diagnostic tools and video technology, the medical profession will become more efficient. And when you have a population living longer and getting fatter, the need to offset rising healthcare costs with productivity is very real. After all, there seem to be few countries, states or even people with excess cash these days.

So the productivity gains technology has brought to businesses and hospitals over the years via better diagnostics, imaging and screening technology has now extended into your local superstore. Just be careful not to slip on the juice from the broken bottle in aisle six after your next checkup.

Nick Ruble has more on TMCnet’s HeathTechZone.

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