Network Security and Home Based Agents

I am at a good friend’s house today and they have a problem with their laptop. My friend is a lawyer and while we debate the merits of the Cisco vs. Apple iPhone case I am also helping fix their new Dell laptop which seems to have frequent memory dumps. I am installing antispyware tools and for some reason Microsoft Defender won’t download at all. Anyway, as I was explaining to my friend about spyware, adware, malware, trojan horses, zombies, denial of service attacks, etc. I began to realize how crazy the world of computing is today. And if all that isn’t bad enough there is spear phishing to worry about as well.
All of this is especially as a lawyer referred to me as a layman this week and a fellow team member at TMC thought this was quite a condescending comment that many in the legal profession make. He will be happy to see that even lawyers can learn from us laymen at times. 😉
But I am not writing to bash lawyers — after all we haven’t had dessert yet. I wouldn’t want to get asked to leave before I am finished eating. 🙂
But back to security, I though it might make sense to let everyone know about an upcoming webinar TMC will be hosting called Network Security for Hosted Small Business Solutions – Are you ready?
In addition with all the talk on my blog lately about disabled veterans becoming call center agents because of VoIP I thought it would be a good time to introduce a webinar on home based agents which takes place next month.
The internet and IP communications have seriously revolutionized the business of hiring contact center agents today. You can have access to the most cost effective and most highly skilled labor anywhere in the world today because of IP networks and IP communications.
As I have mentioned before… The technology is very exciting but what is even better is the technology in action and how it changes lives for the better.

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