Nokia N810

One of the best portable devices I have ever used is the Nokia N800. It was launched earlier than Apple’s iPhone and has many of the features the iPhone has but is better in many ways. It is not as portable as the iPhone but it does more and is a solid device for people who live in areas where WiFi is prevalent.
The one drawback was the Nokia did not have connectivity to any cellular networks. Another drawback was the lack of the keyboard. I might add the software is not as slick as the iPhone but it is more capable.
Nokia’s tablet has just became a whole lot better as Nokia just released the N810 which has a keyboard and GPS built in. The N800 needed a keyboard and GPS makes it that much more useful. My only concern is the weight or form factor may have suffered.
In summary: I want one. I will let you know when/if I get a hold of one for testing.

Disclosure: The author is shareholder of Nokia.

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