CRM and ERP Integration Analysis

There is no question this economy has forced virtually every household and business to economize but it has done more than that… It has made most companies think long and hard about how they can become more productive and efficient. Sometimes this is referred to bluntly as doing more with less.

Oftentimes corporations have less people than ever but have to do the same work if not more. Sure we continue to roll out divorce-creating devices that let our knowledge workers answer emails in bed but let’s take a break from the gadgets (don’t worry, I will write about them again soon — I promise) and discuss the corporate software companies need to enable them to compete effectively.


Two of these categories are ERP and CRM and most companies that don’t have both know they need them. But for those that do only 9% have them integrated and it seems to me just getting these systems to Interop more effectively is a simple way to turbocharge corporate productivity.

Sure it isn’t easy but one of the first steps you may be interested in taking down this journey to ERP and CRM integration is this sponsored whitepaper from Sage Software which is quite informative and thankfully graphically appealing.

One reason I find it very useful is because it is chock full of research from Time Magazine and Fortune that you need to be aware of. I hope you find it useful.

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