CradlePoint Turns Phones and 3G modems into Access Points


Two years back I hacked into my Verizon XV6800 – an HTC device so I could install WMWifiRouter software which turned the phone into a hotspot. I still remember getting it to work and marveling at how people in the TMC conference room could connect to my pseudo AP and work as usual. Sure, the phone got hot enough to melt concrete and the battery was depleted faster than the US treasury but still, it was an amazing achievement.

More recently, I have a Verizon MiFi device which allows similar benefits to the above software without the need to kill your cell phone battery.

And now, cell phone companies are beginning to push devices with WiFi APs built-in.

But if you don’t have a MiFi or one of these new phones which legally allows you to turn it into an AP, consider a CradlePoint PHS300 Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot 3G which has a current street price of $99 and turns your phone or USB modem into an access point for others to share.

Today I received an email from Marc Robins the President and Managing Director of the SIP Forum (disclosure: Marc and I used to work together at TMC) and he told me how much he liked this device and how easy it was to set up. He sums up his experience in one word, “Ecstatic.”

For $99, this seems like a no brainer device if sharing your 3G connection is important to you.

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