One of the most incredible software packages I have come across in quite some time is WMWifiRouter which enables Windows Mobile devices to become WiFi access points, sharing the EVDO connection with a number of others. Although the software allows ad hoc connections instead of infrastructure I found no negative effects from this minor oddity.

As Tom Keating wrote recently, I did install this software on my phone for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is because I would like to use the Nokia N800 tablet computer away from areas that have WiFi. You have no doubt read me go on and on about how useful the N800 is… The main problem with the device continues to be the lack of cellular access.

Now, I can easily run the WMWifiRouter software on my XV6800 and an instant access point is created for the N800 and other devices to share.

In addition, during trade show set up (before internet is running in the convention center) at ITEXPO, TMC can now use our Windows Mobile devices to create instant access points for others to share.

As you might imagine, Verizon is not happy about this because they have their own "tether" service which allows you to pair a Windows Mobile device with a single other computer via bluetooth. This service requires you to pay a monthly fee and in addition limits your data connection to a single device.

If there is a downside to the WiFi sharing service it is that when you receive a phone call the data connection is killed and the one time this happened to me I had to reboot the phone to allow it to start sharing the wireless connection.

In addition, there is obviously a tremendous battery drain involved when using the service so have spare batteries and/or a power cord nearby. In addition your device will get fairly hot after a few minutes. I have noticed when using WiFi on the XV6800 before getting this software that sometimes the phone also runs hot.

One other issue… Verizon has eliminated any internet connection sharing in this device so you need to add other software to allow WMWifiRouter to work. I downloaded ICSInstall.zip from XDA-Developers (registration required).

I then followed these instructions:

  1. Extract the files from the attached ZIP to your computer
  2. Copy ICSInstall.exe, ICSInstall.bin and cf.cab to your device
  3. Install cf.cab on your device
  4. Soft-reset
  5. Run ICSInstall.exe
  6. Click Patch
  7. Wait ’til it says Done
  8. Soft-reset
  9. Test ICS ( \Windows\IntShrui.exe )
  10. Delete ICSInstall.exe, ICSInstall.bin and cf.cab

Once installed I was sharing like a champ and surprised at just how amazing this software is. As this is a shareware program I urge my readers who find this program useful (and others as well) to donate to the company’s developer Jorrit Jongma.

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