Epygi Adds PBX Features, Moves Upmarket

One certainty in the world is that feature wars often get fought in the battle to win the most customers. If you don’t beleive me, think of how few features your car had 15 years ago compared to today. In speaking with Warren Sonnen – Director, Product Management at Epygi, he tells me some other vendors are using features instead of quality to win over customers. His company’s mission (and he has chosen to accept it) is to provide quality and features in one package. Well that last part isn’t quite accurate as Epygi has a variety of packages to choose from depending on your needs which could be dictated by company size and/or needs.

Last year for example the company released the QuadroM32x with a powerful new processor allowing for a slew of new features such as integrated call recording, conference bride, call center ACD, barge, silent monitoring and whispering. Many customers requested to have these features in a smaller package and as a result the company will release the QuadroM8L with 8 FXO ports, 2 FXS and a maximum number of 98 user extensions. This includes a maximum of 20 recording ports and 32 conference server ports. All of this for an MSRP of $2,395. The company will also release the QuadroM26x which has similar features but 106 user extensions, 26 FXS ports and an MSRP of $2,795.

According to Sonnen, “It gives our SMB customers the power they deserve from enterprise-type solutions.” Going forward, expect Epygi solutions to grow in scale to serve smaller enterprises who need a phone system able to support 500 users or more… Quite a jump, any way you look at it.

Warren says the industry is blossoming with users becoming more knowledgeable about IP communications and the company grew 10-15% last year even though Europe “flatlined.” Epygi is looking for resellers and new customers so feel free to check out the video for more and contact the company if interested.

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