IPTechView RMM from ABP Fills Important MSP Gap

According to Robert Messer CEO of ABP, the company’s new IPTechView RMM, launched at ITEXPO, February in 2018, gives MSPS and VARs the ability to monitor and control virtually all the devices on their customer networks. PBXs, switches, IP cameras, IP phones, IoT, etc. The highly secure system is compatible with the GPDR standard for cybersecurity in Europe which means it should be fine for use in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The solution is meant to be complimentary to software from SolarWinds, Kaseya, Autotask and ConnectWise as it does not manage the PCs like they do.

What we liked best about it was the ability to see real-time views from the cameras it manages. It uses a secure VPN connection to access the devices so they can be configured and troubleshooted remotely by the MSP.

Devices supported include those from Grandstream, Fanvil, 3CX, Epygi, Polycom, Kentix, Mobotix, Overaland Storage DrayTek, etc. The solution is connected to an ecommerce site allowing seamless ordering and configuration of items like IP phones. The reporting allows resellers to show their customers, the amount of time they spent on various issues – such as remediation, etc.

ABP has a long history as a well-known real-time communications distributor allowing the company to know what the false alarm items are on the various products it monitors – they are filtered out so the MSP doesn’t waste excess time on scouring excessively large log files. 

Robert said they spent hours trying to simplify the interface so devices show up as either green, yellow or red, allowing quick viewing of issues to determine how to prioritize the maintenance of systems.

There is integration with products like Kaseya – the customer number is the unique identifier, and can be the same, allowing the MSP to drill down on device info from Kaseya into IPTechView.

Some of the benefits of IPTechView


The monitoring dashboard


You can view the devices in the field, wherever they are


You can drill down to see a detailed list of devices


You can then drill down further to the device and see things like MOS score and other important details


The system’s reports on time spent and problems solved can be exported and integrated into your PC RMM reports if desired.

In short, IPTechView is a great blend of IP Communications RMM and e-commerce and configuration in one. For the first time, the reseller and MSP selling video, UC, UCaaS, security, access control, IoT, etc. can easily and remotely manage their devices throughout the world with relative ease.

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