Tribold, ADC Get Investment

It is definitely worth pointing out that even in the toughest economic environments; some companies believe the telecom space makes a great investment. Witness the recent ADC investment of $33 million by Citadel (which some call daring) and today’s news that Intel Corporation‘s strategic investment group, Intel Capital, as well as DFJ Esprit and Eden Ventures will put $11 million into Tribold to help company’s position in the enterprise product management space as it relates to carriers.

The company offers their SOA-based Tribold Integration Services Framework which provides the necessary product data management infrastructure to interface product and service data to BSS and OSS applications. Examples include CRM, billing, order management, SDP, provisioning and  online portals. The company further focuses on making carriers more efficient and in this economic climate they seem to have the right product at the right time.

The money will be used to bolster sales and marketing as well as product development.

From my vantage point the service provider market has never been at a better and worse point. If you are supplying legacy voice equipment and/or products you will have a tough time but if you have equipment which helps carriers provide wireless data, or save/make money, you are in a great area of the market.


For the foreseeable future, many segments of wireless will be most resistant to a downturn and the jury may be out on WiMAX for now. In fact, well-known 4G analyst and TMCnet blogger Paul Kapustka is the only person I know who figured out Clearwire, the king of WiMAX is hedging its bets on LTE.

Still, there seems to be insatiable demand for wireless service and one can only imagine how much more spending there would be by global consumers on wireless devices and service in a good economic climate.

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