TV Evolves With Yahoo, Samsung, Neulion


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Some of the latest television news of interest is that Yahoo widgets will appear on Samsung TV sets. This is a big development as it shows the companies in the web and TV camps are coming closer together. As you might imagine, the Samsung TVs have built-in Ethernet which means these screens will certainly have much greater capability than ever before.

Imagine, you will now be able to upgrade your TV with new firmware – and yes this also means you have to worry about hackers taking over your programming. There is always something, I tell you.

In other TV news, Neulion has improved their TV over IP (TVoIP) box I have covered before. As you recall it is basically the Vonage model applied to television.  It now handles HD as well. The challenge for Neulion of course is when the TV has built-in Ethernet, what value does the box add? It seems like the company has a tremendous opportunity to sell devices until TVs all start to natively connect to the internet.

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