83% Want Messaging in Customer Support

A new Helpshift survey supports what many of us think but goes a lot further. It says 83 of people would make messaging their primary support vehicle. It mined insights from 75 million customer service tickets and 71 million bot interactions. The survey took place this past summer and found 20 more messaging-based issues were being handled by chatbots over a six-month period.


  • Twice as many consumers will engage with chatbots.
    • 30% of respondents reported that they would knowingly engage with a customer support chatbot because “chatbots are very helpful.”
  • 83% of respondents would make messaging their primary means of contacting customer support
    • Compared to 76% in 2018
  • The average number of distinct messages sent by all chatbots (i.e., chatbot outbound) increased an average of 35% from Q1 to Q2 amongst brands using Helpshift. 
  • 96% of consumers said it is important being able to return to and pick up a customer support conversation where it left off. 
  • 54% of respondents say customer service has actually improved in the past year
    • Compared to only 43% in 2018.

Perhaps the most exciting news is the merger of AI and people… The survey found this is the most efficient way to handle customer interactions and supports our definition of the future of work.
Please check out our exclusive interview made with Helpshift data at the top for more.

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