Future of Work: 95% are Now Comfortable with Extensive Remote Work

While 69% of companies were not ready for extensive remote work when Covid-19 hit, it turns out 95% of business leaders are now comfortable with employees working remotely according to a RiverBed future of work survey. In fact, after Covid-19 is over, there is a 50% increase expected meaning one-quarter of the workforce will work remotely.

The good news is people think Covid-19 will eventually be “over.” 🙂

Interestingly, almost all the technical issues as a result of teleworking have to do with the network being slow or disconnects. Then there are social issues – people have increased anxiety and stress for example.

As a result of all this teleworking, companies are making a big push to update their remote working tools, networks and of course, they are upping their cybersecurity.

As many of us have heard before; Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation and 61 percent of leaders will be making additional technology investments in the next 12 months, with 31 percent describing this expansion as significant. 

The biggest challenge for companies going forward will be getting workers back into the office. Beyond the liability issues of someone catching Covid-19 in the office, there is the competitive situation. Much of Silicon Valley is allowing workers to stay home meaning competing for top talent means competing with Valley policies.

Companies will have to grapple with how to keep people motivated as they work from their homes and how to have meetings which inspire participants ina n effort to extend their corporate culture into people’s homes.

Over time, many are upgrading their living arrangements to deal with extensive bouts of “sheltering in place.” This will likely help with morale as it is a challenge to stay motivated with your loud family in the background while you’re stuck in your tiny Manhattan apartment. This is part of why there is a flight to the suburbs in fact.

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