G Suite Work Insights Promotes the Future of Work

We here at Tehrani.com believe companies who aren’t exploring or adopting digital transformation are at risk of losing share to competitors – new entrances, companies moving laterally, etc.

Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s disrupted Gillette – a company thought to be invulnerable to real competition.

We can tell Gillette is concerned because of the ads they’ve run to counter the direct-to-consumer trend becoming so popular these days.

Google knows this and wants your business to be more productive and dare we say, “transformed.”

To that end they are allowing companies to understand how collaboration takes place in your organization and more importantly – it wants to encourage it.

Previously available only in Beta, Google G Suite Work Insights can bring you executive-level insights into how G Suite is increasing collaboration and improving workplace culture at your organization. Accessible to super admins and delegated admins – they will get insights into:

  • Adoption – which teams are adopting G Suite and which apps they use most frequently.
  • Work patterns – which apps teams are spending time in and how much time they’re spending in meetings.
  • Collaboration – how teams are working together through meetings, file sharing, and document interactions.
  • Usage of non-G Suite applications – if there are legacy licenses that no longer need to be renewed as users transition to G Suite.

Admins can use the Work Insights dashboard to get started.

Work Insights will now quickly surface data around the usage of legacy non-G Suite applications within an organization. This includes the use of the following:

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Microsoft Word macro files
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Microsoft Excel macro files
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Microsoft PowerPoint macro files

Seeing how these applications are used can help organizations identify opportunities where remaining legacy licenses no longer need to be renewed as users transition to G Suite. In addition, there are filter charts by the organizational group – this is a great way to see how different groups are doing in comparison to one another. You can set up gamification – praise the leaders, etc. In all, good Future of Work News.

Where do organizations go to learn more? The world’s only Future of Work Expo (collocated with the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow) of course. Feb 12-14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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