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Following presentations is much easier thanks to smartphones as you can simply snap a pic of a slide you want to save and share it or save it. But this isn’t really a great solution to the problem of sharing digital content as you have to go through analog first and once you take a picture, you can no longer search the text.

Enter SHARE That Slide. Presenters upload the presentation and get a unique code. Attendees download the app and enter the code.

Users then see the progression of slides and can easily share them on social media.

Viewers are more engaged as the presentation is on their device.

Participation increases and so does sharing. As a bonus, preset hashtags are automatically added – allowing author credit and perhaps credit for the event as well.

Here is an exclusive interview with company founder Jeff Dworkin:

Why did you launch this company?

This is one of those “see a need, create a solution” opportunities.  I actually first came up with it at ITEXPO WEST 2015 in Anaheim. I think I had someone sitting in front of me who kept standing up to take pictures of slides during a keynote.  That was the seed of the idea and it grew from there. 

How do you expect it to be used?

There are two models, one is for event producers who want to create a better experience for their attendees and their speakers.  The speakers are given a free account to use during the event.  This version also has a sponsorship component. An event producer can sell the “ShareThatSlide” sponsorship, just like they sell lanyards, tote bags, coffee breaks, etc.   Whenever an attendee opens the app and enters a speaker’s code, they see a splash screen provided by the sponsor.

The other model is for anyone who presents slides.  There is no “splash screen” and the audience can follow along with the presentation on their mobile device.  While it was originally intended for someone was presenting in front of a room, with the slides being projected, we already have people who are using it in other situations.  The most interesting one is for Huddle room and “coffee shop” meetings.  They are presenting FROM their mobile device using the web interface.  That way they don’t have to get out a laptop to show slides, nor do they have to worry about if the AV system in the Huddle room or Conference room is working.

What sort of response has there been so far?

Response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Our test users are having a great experience, and they are sending in lots of suggestions for improvements and use cases.  I think that is the best indicator that an idea is on target, when your users immediately start finding other uses for it and start making feature requests.  It means that the idea or app is resonating with your audience and they see the possibilities for improvements and extensions that will make it even better.

Who is the ideal customer?

That’s really a two-part question, based on which version we are talking about.  On one hand, it is the publisher/event producer.  This group loves the “share to social” aspect of the application. Enabling easier sharing of the event content, and easier tracking, they have another demographic to look out regarding their event.  It also removed much of the administrative burden if they are running a slide sharing server for their attendees.

On the other hand, it is for any speaker who wants to be more effective.  The interactive nature of the app actually creates better engagement with today’s audience.  They are waiting to see which slides they want to save and/or share. It helps the speaker to create better slides since you want your audience to save and share.  For some users, they end up spending a lot of time trying to create that one “shareable” slide inside their presentation, thereby creating a better deck.

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