Google Birthday Reminders: Is Google+ Pushing Too Hard?

This morning I was greeted with a reminder of the birthday of a Google Plus acquaintance on the home page of For over a decade this home page of Google has been clean and white with the exception of an occasional offer for some Google service or hardware or some special doodle which signifies a day which the company deems important. Sometimes they even test a humorous message around the holidays designed to push even more of their services at once.

The question I cant help but ponder though is whether Google is going too far trying to jam Google+ down the throats of its search users. Of course they want to make sure we are all engaged with our Google social network and there is no better form of cheap advertising than this real estate. But personally. I am bombarded with services which alert me to the birthdays of people I know… Including Facebook. Moreover, I don’t think I need another place to aggregate this info for me. And even if I did, I am not sure I want this information on the page which I use for searching.

What’s your take? Is Google overdoing it in trying to make Google+ successful?

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