Google Stimulus Plan

If you listen to politicians you would think that only government can create jobs and help the country in a time of need. I am constantly amazed at the capacity of people who have spent little to no time in the private sector proclaim to be experts regarding what companies are capable of doing. But this post is not meant to bash politicians; after all they don’t listen to you, why would they pay attention to me?

Having said, that it is worth checking out this article from Olga Kharif, one of the top writers at BusinessWeek (OK she wrote about me in the past so I am a bit – a wee bit anyway biased) which discusses how towns are clamoring for Google to provide broadband in their areas. They are even threatening to rename their cities after the search giant.

Call me old fashioned but I yearn for the day when politicians worried about keeping us safe and let business do what it does best – grow the economy and provide new opportunities for all.

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