Tomorrow is Purchase Google Glass Day!

If you are a wearable tech fan, tomorrow is a big day as you will finally be able to (if you are lucky) get ahold of Google Glass for yourself. Talk about a great way to ease the pain of tax day and a way to spend your refund – with one simple activity. applause

The predictions for wearable computing growth have been off the charts  and every company it seems wants to be the leader in designing the next generation of computing device. Will Glass be one of the ways we communicate with technology going forward? Who knows – but what I can tell you is most every Glass owner I have interviewed loves them.

Fellow TMCnet writer Steve Anderson points out that until now you had to use a site like eBay to buy a pair and a quick search just now shows you could spend over $2,000 for a brand new model. Wow!


We are certainly early in the technology cycle and batteries need to get better and so do the displays but what you get now with Google Glass is absolutely staggering when you consider how light they are. Thanks again Moore’s Law!

If you are a wearable tech fan, you should run out and get a pair as fast as you can – it will set you back $1,500. At the last two Wearable Tech Expos, the users of Glass were happy as could be – many were developers in fact. I expect to see many more of them at the Wearable Tech Expo July 23 & 24, 2014 in NYC. It should be very exciting to try some of the new apps these guys have written as well.

Hopefully you can come to the show and see a pair for yourself.


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