Camera-Phone Opportunity Exists for Samsung

There exists an opportunity for a superior camera with 10x or greater zoom coupled with the traditional things we are used to on a phone like Instagram and Facebook support. Note, last year’s Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom camera-phone went too far… You don’t want to hold a big clunky camera to your face. The point is, if you are going to sell a camera that zooms, then it will be a data only device. Market it as such.


If you market it as a phone, you end up with a platypus – an animal sarcastically said to have been designed by a committee.

Having said that, Samsung is set to unveil an updated camera later this month and it is expected to have a 10x zoom as well as a 20 megapixel sensor.

While this is less than half of what the Lumia 1020 offers in terms of megapixels, it could differentiate itself with a superior lens and optical zoom capability. Not to mention support for Android and its ecosystem of apps.

There is tremendous convenience in being able to have a high-quality camera which also allows instant and easy uploads through familiar apps. Samsung has an opportunity to capture significant share if it finds the right combination of features and price.

Here is the invitation Samsung recently sent journalists which hints at their intentions (Hat tip: TheStreet)

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