Adds Enterprise Support

Getting workers these days to adopt the technology the company mandates is a bit like telling your children to eat their veggies. The only way to make it happen is to use reverse psychology and even then, they typically eat (or adopt) what they want.

This is why it makes so much sense for to take their 800,000 business user accounts and allow them to “grow up” by adding admin control.

In other words, they have won the bottom-up war, now its time to attack the top down.

The company’s CEO David Erickson told me they are now focusing on enterprises – their current international offering supports 60 countries. and will grow. They all use VoIP, support HD voice and are integrated with the PSTN.

They also have multifeed viceo with picture-in-picture, allowing up to 1,000 people on an audio or video call. In such a large call, you can see the last five active speakers.

They also offer an inexpensive room system with, allow the ability to control hold music and have custom greetings.

Perhaps most importantly, a company can now take control of these accounts so a worker can’t take it with them to the next job. Finally, a company can see who is using the line, who joined and how often it is used.

It’s a smart strategy and mirrors other consumer brands like Apple that decided there was more value to add and money to be made by allowing companies more control of their solution.

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