IP Communications News: October 19, 2007

Some of the interesting news of the week shows SMBs will not only be going down the road to purchasing IP communications solutions – they will also be purchasing and installing security solutions. In my research this morning I also came across a wonderful article by SIP legend Jonathan Rosenberg discussing social networking, SIP, VoIP and Web 2.0.
Avaya made some news as well when it announced it will be supplying IP communications solutions to Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Of course, I am sure the fact that Avaya is located in New Jersey didn’t hurt this deal one bit.
VoltDelta made news as well by announcing AT&T is using the company’s integrated advertising platform for its 1-800-YellowPages offering in a number of southern states. The way the system works is simple… You listen to an ad and get free directory assistance information.
Rounding out this article but certainly not the end of the week’s interesting news is the fact the iPhone has been opened up to third-party developers. This is big news as a flurry of developers will be launching program after program for this device. Over time this developer network will further entrench the iPhone as a device which does so much more than comparable phones.
This is similar to the iPod accessory market. Think about how many chargers, stereo systems, cases and other accessories exist for the iPod today. Competing players have almost no accessories by comparison. We have learned in technology that many times the success of a product depends more on an ecosystem than the strength of the product itself.
Here are other articles of interest I didn’t have time to comment on:
Here is a link to the latest TMCnet news in case you want more.

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