NEC Brings Tech Edge to UCaaS

NEC has been a technology leader in the communications space for decades and as the market has evolved to UC and UCaaS, they haven’t kept up. That however is changing and NEC is bringing the power of it’s tech portfolio to assist in sales of its telecom solutions.

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In an exclusive in-person interview with Ram Menghani (pictured above), VP Product Management, he explained the company is seeing cloud at around 12-15 percent of revenue. To do better, they are building out their global data centers to remain competitive and perhaps leapfrog some of their UCaaS competitors.

Canada is currently supported via the U.S. In addition, they are building out in EMEA, UK, Germany, Milan and Australia. 

They are working with Vidyo to provide video solutions and bringing in AI, biometrics and workflow engine middleware where rules can trigger alerts.


“Our vision for embedded video is underpinned by our relationship with Vidyo. Vidyo is a clear leader in the market whose unmatched quality and resilience deliver a flawless end-user experience that truly differentiates NEC’s portfolio of offerings,” said Larry Levenberg, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, NEC Corporation of America. “NEC is offering Vidyo’s flexible, cloud-based technology as the video component in our applications for vertical markets, endpoints and solutions, leveraging NEC’s cloud platform where possible, and we are pleased to announce availability.”

“NEC’s UC, SDN, biometric and vertical solutions are some of the most advanced in the market both in the cloud and on-premises. Leveraging Vidyo’s flexible APIs and cloud services, we will bring new solutions to market-spanning emerging IoT endpoints and an array of vertical applications in surveillance and biometrics, healthcare, distance learning, monitoring and hospitality and retail,” added Levenberg. “We are excited for the new solutions we will bring to market with Vidyo and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

One application would allow the system to know if a recognized face is a VIP or on a threat list. Perfect for retail and schools respectively. Another is patient check-in.

Ram says they are 70 percent channel-based and the partners are loyal. Soon, they will add services like storage.

Finally, they have the ability to provide private cloud or hybrid solutions.

In summary, they are bringing superior technology solutions to customers, not just selling UCaaS. Where they have a gap, like video, they will continue to partner.

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