RingCentral UC is Eating the Enterprise

According to a RingCentral report From Workplace Chaos to Zen: How App Overload Is Reshaping the Digital Workplace, when it comes to communications applications, workers today are using an average of four apps, with 20 percent of workers using six or more. This includes apps for phone calls, texts, web meetings, video conferencing, team messaging, and more. Sixty-nine percent of workers waste up to an hour each day navigating between myriad communications apps, amounting to a waste of 32 days per year.

To counter this app fragmentation, 66 percent of workers want a single communications platform that will bring a sense of productivity to their

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 workplace. However, the C-Suite is more likely to be content with their current suite of tools (44 percent), revealing a disconnect with the cultural shift to newer communications and collaboration solutions.

Not surprisingly, the company which is a leader in UCaaS is evolving to solve the challenge facing companies and their workers who want easier ways to communicate.

For example the company’s RingCentral Meetings delivers integrated team messaging, online meetings, video conferencing, screen-sharing, and task management in a single solution to enable a full meeting experience. Available stand-alone, the solution can be easily upgraded to the full cloud communications capabilities of RingCentral Office.

In an exclusive in-person interview, Jose Pastor (pictured above), Vice President Product Management said, “The solution makes meetings more powerful and differentiated.” He went on to explain customers are trying to figure out the cloud journey and as a result, some want to start with meetings. This solution seems like a natural way to attract and retain such customers.
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In addition the company has released RingCentral Contact Center with Glip integration. “A good portion of support inquiries handled by contact center agents require some sort of assistance from experts in various parts of their organization,” said Blair Pleasant (pictured), President & Principal Analyst for COMMfusion. “By integrating the power of cloud-based unified communications, team messaging, and collaboration into the contact center, RingCentral enables businesses to better serve customer needs in a faster and more flexible way.”

In addition, there are included intelligent bots, automated KPI monitoring, smart alert distribution allowing managers to gain insight into operational issues, mobility support and team sync.

Jose explained the smart bots can push reporting into Glip workstream communications so everyone can see what is happening.

He concluded, the company now has on-ramps for meetings, and collaboration in addition to cloud PBX. In other words, UC, specifically, RingCentral UC is really eating the enterprise.

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