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I was traveling yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to communicate with my blog readers in the detail I would normally like to give. This morning I decided to share all the news that caught my eye from last night and this morning.


The first up is the the new NEC VT800 which I thought was interesting as it is a network-ready video projector for around $1,000. Apparently the Ethernet port just manages the device… Too bad — I thought for sure you could run presentations over your LAN with this nifty addition.

Hopefully this will change in the future and NEC will see fit to have this or a future device IP communications enabled so you could have one way video presentations from remote locations.

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Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer is in the news and shares his views that Google is the company they need to beat and how he will do everything in his power to catch the search leader. In addition, he threw some jabs at Apple and get this… Said the MacBook Air lacked half the features of a PC.

Somehow I think there will soon be a new Apple ad about these comments.

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HP Labs

HP spends $3.6 billion each year in R&D. A staggering amount to be sure. The big news here is that the 600 employees performing this work will now work on 20 to 30 projects instead of 150. In other words the company will be betting really big in a fewer number of areas.

Assuming the company is able to make the right bets we can expect innovation at HP to really soar and companies like Kodak who are looking to take the company on in the laser printer business should be scared.

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Call Center Jobs Increasing

There are some call centers closing but at the same time a number of new call centers have been opening around the world. In a slowing US economy it is great to see companies like Comcast adding hundreds of jobs in the Livermore, California area.

The new campus site is an existing lot of 26 acres that will house about 1,000 employees. Comcast will be the sole tenant in a three building campus that comprise 220,000 square feet. One building will be used for a new 500+ seat customer service center, which will replace Comcast’s existing call center on Nissen Drive in Livermore. The other two buildings will house the company’s expanding Livermore technical operations team and the regional office staff currently based in San Ramon.

A net of 200 jobs is expected.

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