TMCnet Mobile

If you are looking for the best communications and technology news on the go be sure to check out TMCnet Mobile which will display very well on most mobile devices. The service is in alpha at the moment but seems pretty stable based on my brief experience.
Any web browser can see this page by the way. Check it out now if you like.
One thing it does that I consider great about this new service but others may not like is that it allows you access to parts of TMCnet that are formatted for the mobile device.
In other words if a link exists in an article that is not formatted for the mobile device you can still get there. This is great depending ion your web device.
What is very frustrating to me about other sites is that when you click on a link in an article that is not formatted for a mobile device you get redirected to a page that is a mobile home page. In other words there is no way to get to the content you want.
Hopefully our system is superior for most devices. Regardless it puts users in control.
TMCnet is fairly readable on a screen with 320×240 resolution and EVDO is preferred. Of course TMCnet Mobile can easily be used on a screen with less resolution and less bandwidth.

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