Endless Fields of Clouds

There is something absolutely serene about clouds. On this particular flight the heating system seems limited and you actually feel like you are outside. Did I mention it is around 40 degrees out? And that’s on the ground. As this posts I am on the way home getting ready for another trip to arctic weather next week.

Oh and by the way I snapped a shot of passengers with coats on. The flight attendant has one on as well.

But my frost-induced diversion comes to an end as I reflect on the following. Recently TMC has worked with some IP communications companies on integrated marketing programs and these companies have seen their stock prices double and in one case quadruple. This while the comparable companies in the customer’s spaces saw their stocks drop.

When I am not spending time with my family or writing there is nothing like partnering with a company to help them grow their sales rapidly. Today I met with a company who is going to be working very closely with TMC and I can’t wait to help them grow as well. It is fun to share in the success of your customers.

This weekend I hope to catch up on article and blog writing. I have 20 items I have been saving up but I just haven’t had time to get to them.

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