ITEXPO Photos and More

Here is Ari Zoldan from Launch 3 based in Garfield, NJ. His company is in the investment business – they invest in communications companies worldwide.
On this day he walked away with a great education as well as a new SUV. Wow – now that’s a show. 🙂
About 30 minutes later when I accidentally saw him on the road he seemed elated. I think the shock wore off and it turned to happiness.
Note to self. We would get even more people to shows if we didn’t have chalk boards in the exhibit hall. Seriously – this booth – Ask The Geek was stroke of genius from Interactive Intelligence. They staffed the booth with really smart engineers who answered questions from attendees in an objective and no nonsense fashion. PS: If you want to stump them just ask them in a very serious tone why the Pussycat Dolls don’t sound so good on a VoIP line.
This bag is the only other thing in this world with more frequent flyer miles than me. For some reason thinking about this is best done with my eyes closed.
Aculab’s Jo Taylor is one of the few people in the industry who is jet-lag proof. After traveling 25 hours in a row the Aculab team seemed as fresh as ever.
Andy Voss had a SanSaytional show and is selling session border controllers like hotcakes it seems. I met many of his new customers at ITEXPO.
For some reason I decided to lead an impromptu prayer service at the Stratus Technologies booth. They seem impressed.
Gregory Giagnocavo learned that at ITEXPO in Ft. Lauderdale you can have an amazingly successful show without a single booth babe. The absense of booth babes at his booth was bad news for TMC as we no longer knew where to find our sales team.
Chris Dunk the President and CEO of BandTel actually crouched down for the photo so as not to make me look insignificant in his shadow. He still towers over me. Now I know how he got his last name.
Either the Dialexia team had a good show or they were just happy to be out of Canada in January.

The team from Ingate was thanking me for a great show. Here is a testimonial from CEO Olle Westerberg

Actiontec had a great show even though they were located in the back left corner of the hall. I could barely get to the booth during the whole show.

Apparently I was making some really important point to Ditech Network’s Homayoun Razavi. What it was I have no idea but it looks like I really meant it.

Idle banter at the LumenVox booth.

Stealth Communications had a great show and I had a chance to catch them Jon Arnold in the booth. This is the first show after I declared it the year of VoIP peering. I guess this is the year of VoIP peering + 1.

Doug Vilim and I had a brief chat about the show. Sangoma was another happy customer.

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